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3D Printing & Model Railways

by Keith Pressley


10th May 2021

This is just a brief introduction to the world of 3D printing, as you can see the only limit is your imagination.

Picture 3.PNG

The above photo is a model of a colliery headgear and winding house I did from memory from my time as a designer for the coal industry.

Picture 4.jpg

View on Arrow A (left photo)

Picture 5.jpg

View on Arrow B (left photo)

Picture 6.PNG

The above photo is a coal transfer conveyor and storage bunker.


This footbridge was made from 29 separate printed parts glued together like a model kit and is ready for final painting


This is my attempt at a girder bridge with castellated beam (made from 30 separate printed parts) which did not turn out too bad.


A small hopper with outfeed conveyor.

This boathouse has working hinged doors and is made up of 5 separate printed parts, awaiting final painting.

The boathouse will eventually go onto my lake scene.

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