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OO Finescale

Model Railway Ambleside

Working on Ambleside

Ambleside Model Railway

00 Finescale 20ft x 15 ft. Pre-grouping through station serving two branch lines.


If the Kendal and Windermere Railway company had fulfilled their plans, the Ambleside would have been the junction (left - Working on Ambleside) on its way to Keswick and Penrith.  The quarries in the vicinity providing the revenue to finance the undertaking most of which were on the additional branch to Coniston.  The idea for this layout came from the late Pete Wright and has taken five years to get to its present state, about 85% compete, by six club members.  The layout is wired for DC control with the facility to move to DCC at a later date.  Buildings are mostly plaster cast or resin based on LNWR styles.  Operating periods can be from 1910 (pre-grouping) to early British Railways (1953) determined by which rolling stock is used, mostly kit built with some ready to run.

The Layout in 2015

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